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BeauxBengals is a small cattery located in Los Angeles, CA. We breed beautiful brown rosetted bengals. I am lucky to have started with beautiful, healthy cats from great lines with stunning coats and loads of personality. If you're looking for a top of the line pet...check out what we have available!


PaintedCats Rajah of BeauxBengals had 4 beautiful brown rosetted kittens Demember 21, 2017. 


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Why we feed the raw diet.

Many of us, although we may have had cats as pets for most if not all of our lives, have failed to realize one very important thing about them – the fact that all cats are, by their very nature, born carnivores. Indeed cats are actually obligate carnivores, which essentially means that the nutrition they require to thrive must come from the meat, organs and bones of the bodies of other animals. And because of the cat’s particular anatomical and physiological design, the most ideal and natural way for them to consume that flesh and bone is in its raw state. This really does make very good sense once we stop to think about it. Because what other feline – much less any other carnivore in the world - ever consumes its prey cooked? The answer of course is that in Nature, this simply does not occur. Eating cooked food is not truly natural for cats, but eating raw food is!

All carnivores, whether they be sharks, raptors, polar bears, foxes or wolves, are made to eat and digest the raw meat, bones and organs that make up the whole carcasses of their prey. And cats are certainly no different in this respect from any other carnivore. Feeding a carnivore a steady diet of anything that is cooked, canned, dried or ground is simply unnatural for that animal, and over time, doing so puts a strain on that animal's system. Such a chronic strain may often result in any number of the different kinds of health problems from which far too many present day domestic cats are suffering.

By using Mother Nature’s way of feeding small wild cats as a guide, we humans may feed our domestic feline companions a diet that is most appropriate for the carnivores they are, while simultaneously affording them the myriad health benefits that a natural diet of whole foods can provide.

Our cats/kittens are fed everything: chicken, turkey, duck, beef, pork, lamb, and occasional fish. Everything is raw and balanced. We also add kitty bloom vitamins and fish oil for added vitamins and fatty acids great for healthy skin and coat.  Raw chicken necks are a BIG DEAL here at BeauxBengals! 


 Dual Registered with TICA & CFA

Dual Registered with TICA & CFA