BoydsBengals Gaston of BeauxBengals x Mangosteen Fiona of BeauxBengals “Leo Litter” born August 4, 2018. All pure for spots and possible seal lynx carriers.


BeauxBengals ‘Leona’ (Reserved) - This gorgeous girl is a really gonna ve a knockout when she grows up. If I could only keep one she’d definitely be the one. Love her doughnut rosettes and horizontal flow. She will be very similar to her mother. Pet Price - $2500


BeauxBengals ‘Leonora’ (Available) - This girl has that gorgeous leopard pattern that we hope for with a nice golden finish to her undercoat. We suspect her to more deep gold in color. She is pure for spots and possible seal lynx carrier. Pet Price - $2200


BeauxBengals ‘Lioness’ (Available) - Love this amazing kitten. She is a huge girl with all the makings of a boy. This kitten has sound structure and the biggest inkiest pattern. She will have thick, jet black outlines on her rosettes. This girl is also pure for spots and possible lynx carrier. Pet Price- $2300


BeauxBengals ‘Leonardo’ (Available) - Another Gaston look alike! This boy is the largest in the litter with the most spectacular pattern. Very sweet personality. This boy is pure for spots. Pet Price - $2500


BeauxBengals ‘Leander’ (Available) - This little guy boy has a nice pattern and a nice dark rosettes. He will very beautiful as adult with a deep golden color. Love his little personality! Can’t wait to see him develop. Pet Price - $2100


Adopting one of our kittens. 

Kittens are priced individually based on type, coat color/clarity, and conformity to the breed standard. Shipping can be provided at an additional cost ($350). Pet Contract: $2000-2500/Breeder Contract: $3500-5000

If you choose to adopt a BeauxBengals kitten he/she would come home with...

  • TICA registration Slip

  • Health Guarantee (Contract)

  • Certificate of Health (Included in Airline shipping cost)

  • Health Record (Vaccinations current)

  • Airline Pet Carrier (Included in Airline shipping cost)

  • Microchipped

  • Spayed/Neutered (for pets)

  • Toy

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