BeauxBengals "Melody" (AVAILABLE) - This beautiful girl was the first kitten to open her eyes. We love the horizontal flow of her rosettes. No rib bars. This little girl definitely takes after her sire. Pet Price - $2200


BeauxBengals "Harmony" (AVAILABLE) - Loving this girl's develop. She has a beautiful clouded leopard pattern with beautiful outlines around her rosettes. What's even better are the red tones. She's taking after mother.  Pet Price - $2200


BeauxBengals "Dissonance" (RESERVED) - This sweet little girl is the largest kitten in the litter. She is a brown rosetted female with cooler tones. Love her thick outlined rosettes and her chunky body. Great developing head and lovely structure. 


BeauxBengals "Treble" (RESERVED) -This handsome kitten is the only boy in the litter. He can always be found scrapping with one of his sisters (or mom).  Treble is beautifully contrasted with nice random rosettes that we expect to open up with age. Excited to see this boy's development. 


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